1. Instructions

    1. Instructions

  2. Personal Information

    1. *Speaker First Name

    2. *Speaker Last Name

    3. Company Name (if applicable)

    4. Speaker Bio

    5. *Speaker Headshot

    6. *Contact Number(s)

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    8. *City

    9. *State/Province

    10. *Country

    11. Website

    12. *Industry Type

  3. Talk Information

    1. *Talk Title

    2. *Talk Category

    3. *Talk Abstract

    4. *Key Elements

    5. *Approximate talk length

    6. *Is this talk unique?

    7. *Will you be sending your presentation prior to the event?

    8. *Link to your presentation video

    9. *Upload your presentation slides

    10. *How many slides does your presentation have?

    11. *Presentation Resources

    12. Is there anything else we should know that you'd like to add?

Speaker Info

Speaker Info

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*Speaker First Name

*Speaker Last Name

Company Name (if applicable)

Speaker Bio

Your speaker bio should include a brief summary of your education, work history, and experience relevant to your speaking topic. 

*Speaker Headshot

When submitting your headshot, please ensure that the photo provided is clear and of high quality.

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*Contact Number(s)





*Industry Type

*Talk Title

Tip: Given that the title of your talk is the first thing attendees get to see, it's recommended that you choose a fairly short, but informative, title that clearly conveys what you will be talking about and draws attendees' attention to your topic.

*Talk Category

*Talk Abstract

The goal of your talk abstract is to tell attendees why they should attend your talk and what they'll get gain from doing so. In order to be effective and generate the necessary buzz and interest, this should provide a clear and concise overview of the contents of your talk. Ideally, this abstract should only be one paragraph of between 150 to 250 words in length.

*Key Elements

Here, it would be ideal if you could list and outline 4-5 key elements of the topic you've chosen for your talk.

*Approximate talk length

Here, we're looking for a response in minutes.

*Is this talk unique?

Have you given this talk before and/or are you planning on giving it elsewhere in the near future? If this is the case, please list where and when. If the answer is no, please write N/A below.

*Will you be sending your presentation prior to the event?

*Link to your presentation video

*Upload your presentation slides

Please upload these in PDF format.

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*How many slides does your presentation have?

*Presentation Resources

Please provide something (a document, booklet, workbook, etc.) for those listening to your talk and watching your presentation to follow along with. 

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Is there anything else we should know that you'd like to add?